Fluctuation Scattering for X-FELS

Finding the atomic structure and function of macromolecules.

CAM-link: Real-Time Streaming and Workflows

Simple and flexible connections to compute and storage facilities.

gpCAM: Gaussian Processes and more for Autonomous Discovery

gpCAM is a flexible, powerful and easy-to-use API and software for autonomous data acquisition.

HGDL: A Mathematical Optimizer for HPC Computer Architectures

HGDL is a mathematical optimizer tailored for machine learning on HPC computer architecture.

Recognizing Structure from Image Data

Enhancement, Extraction, and Identification.

Accelerating Nanoporous Materials Discovery

X-ray Scattering for Reconstruction of Form-factors in Line Etched Pattern

Single-Particle Diffraction Data

Reconstructing the 3D structure of molecules.

Faster, Brighter, Sharper X-ray Ptychography

Characterize structure and properties of new materials with math and microscopy.

Minimalist ML

Machine Learning on images when datasets are small.

Electronic Structure

Simulating the foundations of materials.