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CAMERA Mathematicians Build an Algorithm to ‘Do the Twist’

AI Accelerates Autonomous Discovery at DOE Synchrotron and Neutron Facilities

Berkeley Lab's CAMERA Leads International Effort on Autonomous Scientific Discoveries

CRD’s Lin Lin Honored with Simons Foundation Award

The Institut Laue-Langevin part of project on autonomous experiments

Dani Ushizima Named One of ’25 Women in Science in Latin America’

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Autonomous Discovery: What’s Next in Data Collection for Experimental Research


Machine Learning at ILL: First autonomous steps of the neutron spectrometer ThALES

Berkeley Lab AI Autonomously Steers Data Acquisition at Neutron Scattering Facility in France


SMART Algorithm Makes Beamline Data Collection Smarter

CAMERA Hosts 2019 Ptycho Developers Workshop

Berkeley Lab Researchers Win Best Paper Award at ICCS

Best Paper Award @ XLOOP, CS 2019


Novel X-ray Imaging Technique Provides Nanoscale Insights into Behavior of Biological Molecules

CRD Researchers Part of Team Honored with Klaus Halbach Award

At Biden Summit, CRD's Ushizima Discusses Using Machine Learning to Improve Cancer Detection

New Algorithm Enhances Ptychographic Image Reconstruction

Berkeley Lab Paves the Way for Real-time Ptychographic Data Streaming

COSMIC Impact: Next-Gen X-ray Microscopy Platform Now Operational

Berkeley Lab “Minimalist Machine Learning” Algorithms Analyze Images from Very Little Data


International Team Reconstructs Nanoscale Virus Features from Correlations of Scattered X-rays

New Berkeley Lab Algorithms Extract Biological Structure from Limited Data

Recognition Software Drives Matches across Multiple Science Domains

Berkeley’s Lin Lin Receives 2017 DOE Early Career Award


Berkeley Lab to Lead 5 Exascale Projects, Support 6 Others

SHARP: A "Killer App" for Ptychography

Models Help Pinpoint Material for Better Nuclear Fuel Recycling


New DOE Office of Science support for CAMERA to develop computational mathematics for experimental facilities research

CRD Researchers Honored with Director’s Awards for Exceptional Achievement

New Mathematics Advances the Frontier of Macromolecular Imaging

CRD's Daniela Ushizima Receives DOE Early Career Award


Adapting Materials Sciences Algorithms for Cancer Screening Leads to Award for Berkeley Lab Researcher

A New Mathematics for Experimental Science

Berkeley Lab Mathematicians Develop Framework for Nanocrystallography Analysis